A Summer Off

I realize I haven’t posted at all this summer. I haven’t been on the internet very much, except for Netflix. And I’ll be honest… I haven’t missed it.

I haven’t missed it because I’ve spent the last several years missing the lifestyle I used to have. Back when I did more things that made me forget to check my phone.

So hello, loyal blog audience! I am still alive. I have not been carried off by the blackflies (yet). I did not drop dead in the woods somewhere. I’m just spending the summer in Maine, where I belong, and enjoying every moment of it. I’m currently more tan than I have been in I don’t know how long. I have spent long-ish periods of time in at least three places where I don’t even get cell phone reception. My bathing suit has seen a decent amount of use,  and my hair has smelled strongly of wood smoke on quite a few nights. I’ve had so much fun that I didn’t really remember to take pictures most of the time. And let’s be honest, the moments we forget to photograph make the best memories anyway.

I have had my time by the ocean. I got to climb Katahdin with one of my favorite people. I explored a few places that I haven’t seen since I was a little girl. I submitted last semester’s paper to a conference. I went shopping at outlets and found some great deals. I’ve spent time in my kayak. There have been many days of ponytails and no makeup. This has been everything a summer ought to be.

Do I miss Greenville? Am I bored, restless, and anxious to get back into the busy routine of school? For the first time ever, I say no. Just a simple no. Or maybe a “no, not at all.” As a matter of fact, this summer has flown by far more quickly than I would have liked. I have roughly 3 weeks left in Maine. That’s all. That’s not nearly enough time to satisfy me.

Anyway, I’m just here to reassure you that I didn’t get eaten by a black bear or swept out to sea at Thunderhole. I’ll write more about my summer shenanigans at some point… probably after I get back to Greenville. In the meantime, I intend to enjoy every last second of my remaining time at home. Have a great rest of your summer, everyone!



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