Banana Cream Something-Or-Other (for one)

Having already eaten four years worth of dining common food (and doing the boarding school thing for two years before that), to say that I am sick of it would be among the understatements of the decade. Hillary Clinton is extremely careless. I am tired of the dining common. (That was funny. Please laugh.)

If I could have paid room and board minus the meal plan, I would have. But that’s not how things work. So, since I’m still paying for the food, I’m getting creative. I’m finding ways to make better food out of stuff that comes from the dining common. And my latest attempt is so delicious, I had to share it!

I call it “Banana Cream Something-Or-Other, because it involves a creamy banana smoothie. But it’s not really pie, or cake. So it’s something-or-other.

I took one banana, chocolate chip cookies, and skim milk from the dining common in a takeout container, then instantly had this idea.

The first thing I did was crumble the chocolate cookies into a small styrofoam  take-out bowl (those containers have really been coming in handy!). I poured enough skim milk into the bowl to make the cookie crumble mushy, and then I pressed the cookie mush around the bottom and sides of the dish to form a cookie crust.



Next, I chopped up the banana and dropped it into the blender with a vanilla Breakfast Essentials mix (which my mom sent me a while ago). I added skim milk until I had enough to fill my cookie crust, and then blended until I had a smooth, frothy smoothie.



I poured the smoothie into the crust.



I drizzled some chocolate onto the top.



Then, I covered it, and stuck it in the freezer overnight.



The snack that awaited me this morning was amazing. It tastes similar to Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. I absolutely love it! Hope you enjoy!


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