My Studio Apartment on the Top Floor of a 4-Story Walk-Up: Part 1

Looking Up

It’s a dorm room, ok? It looks exactly like every other dorm room at BJU. This makes year 7 in a dorm. Not my favorite idea. But it’s a lot less expensive than paying rent around here, so it’s my best option, and I’m doing my best to think grateful thoughts. So I call it a studio apartment. Because it basically is. Just smaller. And with no stove or oven.

Two years of boarding school and four of undergrad. I didn’t waste much time decorating. I didn’t have time to waste. So I made the bed, put my clothes away, and stuck pictures to the wall. That was about it. Any decorating that happened was done by my roommates.

So why put the time into it now?

Quite frankly, I’ve been bored. I have evenings and weekends off. Which is nice. But that leaves me with  a lot of free time, and not a lot of people stick around campus in the summer. Besides, I’ll most likely be living in this room for two years, and I’d like it to feel as homey as possible.

About two weeks into my GAship, I hit Pinterest for some dorm room decorating tips. Things I should be pro at by now, but I just haven’t taken the time to do them because they haven’t mattered much to me in the past. I found some fantastic ideas. I figured out how to do a few that I wanted to try. I even came up with a few of my own.

So now, you get to witness the transformation.

*Note: I’m on a super tight budget, so I try to keep things as cost-effective as possible. I’m going to let you in on my tips for doing this the broke-college-student way.

Here are some pictures from an empty dorm room to show you what my blank canvas looked like.

There are two bunks on one side, three on the other, a desk and dresser on each side, three closets (two on one side, one on the other; two large, one small), and there is one sink. There is also plenty of storage in the overhead cupboards.

One of the first projects that caught my eye was a makeover for my Christmas lights. (If you don’t already have Christmas lights, they’re fairly inexpensive. You can also probably buy some from a graduating senior at the end of the spring semester. Mine were given to me by an old roommate.) All I had to do was take an X-Acto knife to some ping pong balls and slide them over the light bulbs. You can find the tutorial I used here:

Now, the tutorial mentions that they bought a gross of ping pong balls (that’s 144 of them) from Amazon for $12. I ordered mine from Amazon for about $9 with free shipping because I have Prime. DO NOT buy them from Walmart. It’s way more expensive. Don’t do it.

I did find my X-Acto Knife at Walmart, though. I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 on it, which isn’t a bad deal. Just be careful. They’re made to be super sharp. You have been warned.

Here’s a photo from halfway through the project.



                                                   I love the cozy effect they give to the room!

This was a fairly inexpensive and very easy project. It was totally worth it! Now, on to the next one…


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